Richard Moorhead lives in Cardiff and London.   His poems have appeared in magazines including Magma, the Financial Times, Under the Radar, Anon, Horizon Review and several anthologies.  His first pamphlet, the Reluctant Vegetarian (Oystercatcher), was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Poetry Award in 2010. 

In The Word Museum the reader journeys through a deserted house, through the objects touched and the crises lived, through the words that give thought meaning. 


"…a poem of praise is a good deed, in the literal sense of what Good Deeds says to Everyman before accompanying him alone into the future…Because if you don't think there's an afterlife, words are pretty much it."  Glynn Maxwell on 'Prometheus' in The Word Museum

"[Moorhead shows] how mouth-watering individual words can be, how each one is a densely packed arrangement of sounds and connotations, as beautifully organised, in its own way, as a molecule, and as reactive as magnesium." Jon Stone on The Reluctant Vegetarian

"Every thought is an energising one on the way to yet another energised thought, and by these poems every sense we have is addressed and re-enlivened.  It is a piece of life, and then more, and then more." Ali Smith on The Reluctant Vegetarian