Isabel Palmer is a former English teacher, educational adviser and European Championship silver medallist in triathlon. Her poems have appeared in Stand, The North and The Frogmore Papers. Ground Signs is her first published pamphlet collection.

 "The acid test of poems is to ask 'Would I still be moved by this, if it was fiction?' In the case of these poems the answer would be Yes, yes, because they are fine writing by anyone's standards. Knowing that they do contain a truth, one almost too painful to set down, yet keep such tact and such a clear eye in the telling doubles my respect for them. It is rare for the power of the facts and the poise of the poem to go hand in hand, but here they do." Philip Gross


"Haunted by her son's experience in Afghanistan, Isabel Palmer's work is full of the urgency of real warfare. The poems of Ground Signs move back and forth between war zone and home in a way that makes each well-chosen image doubly powerful. These war lyrics written and imagined by a woman are as alert to danger as they are to all that is at risk, reminding us of what we thought we knew about conflict and making us think again. They are - in several senses - necessary poems." Susan Wicks

£5.50 (including P+P)                                                    ISBN 978-1-906480-39-4