Between 1990 and 2002, the English poet Mark Rutter and his wife Robin Furth lived in Morgan Bay, Maine. Here he recorded his experiences in a series of journals which form the basis of the poems in Basho in Acadia. Rooted in naturalism, these poems share an imagistic power and present a complex vision of the wild landscape of the Maine coast along with the creatures that inhabit it.
Two collections of Mark Rutter's poetry appeared during his residence in Maine, The Farmhouse Voices (Puckerbrush Press) and water fir rock hand (Tatlin Books), together with illustrated broadsides and artists' books made in collaboration with printer and book-artist Walter Tisdale.
Mark Rutter's poems have appeared in journals throughout the English speaking world.

"The poems of Mark Rutter have the primary energy of fresh and unique vision." Constance Hunting
"Isolation... snowfall... coiled snakes...the crows' 'chainsaw-laughter'... the howl of a coyote in the early hours: anything, in fact could go wrong. in Basho in Acadia where an oriental rigour discovers an American wilderness, everything is right. Mark Rutter's poetry of place is at the same time a poetry of occasion, full of luminous detail and exquisite, if sometimes ominous, mystery. His control of the line is perfect as he takes his reader into a 'realistic Eden, in which death also has its place.' He joins a small group of English poets who can write about American landscapes with a convincing exactness." Julian Stannard
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