Lucille Gang Shulklapper writes ‘Born in Jamaica, Queens, I never traveled further south than Washington, D.C., until I sailed on the Constitution to Italy... (Grace Kelly was on that ship to marry her prince...) where I married my husband and lived in Bologna for a year and a half. My daughter was born there. From Italy, we sailed back to the USA and lived with my in-laws in the Bronx, N.Y. Then on to Akron, Ohio, back to New York, and New Rochelle. When my husband retired from pediatric practice, we moved to Coral Springs, Florida. When he died, I couldn't live in our home without him so I moved to Boca Raton, Florida. The locations in Gloss reflect life passages from childhood memories through my marriage to my first singles dance in my late seventies.’ 

 Lucille Gang Shulklapper is the author of four chapbooks: What You Cannot Have; The Substance of Sunlight; Godd, It's Not Hollywood, and In the Tunnel. She has recently published a children’s picture book, Stuck in Bed Fred (2015). Having taught at all levels from kindergarten to college, made recordings for the blind and raised a family, she is presently a volunteer with Caregiver Youth of America. 





"Gloss is an artful, delicious book." Blaise Allen

"There's surprising music in this Tardis of a compendium; snapshots & video clips, expedient forms and language experiments - "untold stories in drawers" indeed." Charles Johnson


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