Mr Barton Isn't Paying, Flarestack Poets 2009 Competition Anthology, brings together a selection of individual poems from the collections submitted, including those shortlisted. Wide ranging in subject matter and varied in the stylistic approaches it showcases,  Mr Barton Isn't Paying is united by the strength of vision and voice offered by each poem.



The poets represented in Mr Barton Isn't Paying are:


David Andrew   Tony D'Arpino    Peter Brennan  Cliff Forshaw  William Gilson

Richard Halperin  Penny Harper  Caleb Klaces   Kath Levell   Gol McAdam 

Ian McEwen Rosie Miles  Andrew Nightingale  Ann Phillips  Eluned Rees 

Jane Seabourne Laura Seymour   K V Skene  Anne Stewart   Jason Watts 

     Sarah Williams  Patricia Wooldridge  Di de Woolfson


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