Having won an Eric Gregory Award for his poetry in 1976, and published collections in the mid-1980’s including The Floating World (Pig Press) and Brief Lives (Oasis Books), Alasdair Paterson only recently returned to writing after a 20 year gap with On theGoverning of Empires (Shearsman, 2010). He is now retired after a career directing the work of academic libraries in Britain and Ireland, which entailed extensive travel. He lives in Exeter, and is a gardener, allotment-holder, traveler, father, grand-father, writer and flaneur.


Brumaire And Later exploits firstly the poetic potential of the French revolutionary calendar, in which not only every month but every day was re-named after familiar flora, fauna and work tools; and, in its second section, extends the idea into the no- less turbulent state of post-revolutionary Russia. The interplay of everyday activities and objects with the deformations of personal lives in such times gives this collection it unifying tensions and ironies.






'...consummate skill and emotional power; this is the real deal: poetry that floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee...'   Nathan Thompson


'Alasdair Paterson, ace storyteller, shows us that poems can be stories that catch us, and pull us back again and again.'  Lee Harwood



£5.50 (inc p+p)                                                  ISBN   978-1-906480-26-4



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